Technology Services

Consultations are free. While I can’t work miracles, but you’d be surprised what you can learn in nearly 20 years in one of the top tech companies in Boston.

Any fees will be discussed once we agree it makes sense and will be appropriate for the specific work being accomplished.

Home Computer Support

Need help with your Windows, Mac or Linux system at home?

Need assistance with migrating between any of them?

Have you lost valuable data through a drive crash, file deletion or really any other cause?

Advanced Home Support

For those of you who are unaware, there is a variety of inexpensive or even free software that can enable amazing things within your home.  I can help in a variety of ways from helping you to understand to potentially building devices.

Here is some of what you may have been missing that :

  • Build custom electronics at home with Arduino.
  • Add real processing power to your project with a Raspberry Pi
  • Custom Android ROMS like LineageOS, which can breath new life into an old Android phone.
  • Home automation including voice automation without giving your data to Amazon through the Echo or to Google through your Google Home device or Google Assistant.  Mycroft is new and very promising.

Or just pick my brain.  Consultations are still free.

Business Consulting

Have you ever seen someone print out a form in order to scan or fax it?  That can be avoided completely.  So can quite a number of other things that are harder to spot.

Are you interested in some new piece of technology, but have no idea where to get started?

Does something not work the way it’s supposed to?

Let’s talk.

Data Recovery

Has a failing drive taken something precious from you?  Did you delete the wrong files? I am experienced at recovering data lost in a variety of ways.

Some failure types will require a referral to someone with experience in opening drives without destroying them.  This process requires special equipment including a clean room.