NVidia Shield: Another Option for Plex

For father’s day this year, I was given an NVidia Shield.  While I’ve only had it for a few days so far, it is already my favorite media platform.

Under the covers it’s just Android TV, which I’ve had before using the Nexus Player, but unlike the Nexus the Shield has the Amazon video app.  In fact, it supports all of the major media services that we try to use.  And on top of that, there are games!

The Plex client works great.  It can additionally act as a Plex server, either with local storage or by attaching additional USB storage.  Additionally, the Plex client for the Shield has built in support for the relatively new Plex DVR functionality which allows you to record live television by using a network enabled TV tuner.

At $199 with 4k video output support, it’s a fairly good price.  You can also potentially get the older model for cheaper as well.