Speeding Up Your Android Device

Does your Andriod phone run slower than it used to?

To some degree, this is expected. As time goes on, Android gains more capabilities through new OS releases. Applications take more resources as they add features, which could happen at any time.

There are some apps that are known to be resource hogs, slowing down everything else just by being installed. Two of the biggest ones are Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

Facebook has begun offering “Lite” versions of both of those apps. They don’t have all of the features, but they do provide quite a bit and they may make your phone significantly faster than the full versions. Just make sure you actually uninstall the old apps. Having both won’t help.

Another step that may help is a factory reset of your phone. Note that this *will* wipe all local data on the phone. Make sure you back up everything you care about or have someone experienced to do it for you.

In some cases, you may be able to replace the existing OS completely and replace it with a lighter weight open source ROM like LineageOS. If your phone is properly supporter, you may find that LineageOS works better than what Samsung, HTC, etc shipped.