Consultations are free. While I can’t work miracles, but you’d be surprised what you can learn in nearly 20 years in one of the top tech companies in Boston.

Any fees will be discussed once we agree it makes sense and will be appropriate for the specific work being accomplished.

Need help setting up the new gear you got during the holidays?

Need help with your Windows, Mac or Linux system at home? Need assistance with migrating between any of them?

Interested in learning about running custom Android ROMs?

What about setting up a home media server, so that all of your movies, music, and photos are available at the tip of your fingers?

Has a failing drive taken something precious from you? Did you delete the wrong files? I am experienced at recovering data lost in a variety of ways, and understand when it’s time to seek the help of people with professional cleanrooms.

Or just pick my brain. Consultations are still free.

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