Speeding Up Your Android Device

Does your Andriod phone run slower than it used to? To some degree, this is expected. As time goes on, Android gains more capabilities through new OS releases. Applications take more resources as they add features, which could happen at any time. There are some apps that are known to be resource hogs, slowing down … Continue reading Speeding Up Your Android Device

Ripping DVDs

My tool of choice for my DVD ripping needs is Handbrake.  It is an Open Source tool which supports Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.  It is highly configurable, but also has a great set of defaults for various codecs and container formats. On the ripping side, it natively supports ripping unencrypted DVDs and supports ripping … Continue reading Ripping DVDs

Set Top Box Features

Over the years, I've used a number of different set top boxes for viewing media.  So far I've yet to find the perfect option.  Mainly because in addition to our home Plex server, we also use a number of additional online streaming services for watching shows, and the support of those services varies quite a … Continue reading Set Top Box Features